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BOOK REVIEW: Shift Just Got Real (Bear Bites, #3) by Ruby Dixon


Title: Shift Just Got Real
Series: (Bear Bites, #3)
Author: Ruby Dixon
Genre: Adult Paranormal Romance Novella
Rating: 4-Stars
Cliffhanger: No
HEA: Yes
Review on Goodreads: HERE

Life’s given me the short end of the stick on looks – I’m big, ugly and brutish. Normally I wouldn’t care about the packaging except for the fact that the woman of my dreams is Ryann Brown, a human half my age and so lovely she makes my body ache. What’s a were-bear to do in this situation?

Whatever he can to forget her, of course.

Except Ryann’s not taking no for an answer. And when she catches me watching her one night, she gives me a show I’ll never forget. Did I think I’d be able to walk away and not touch her? Not claim what’s mine?

Not a chance.

♥ (Bear Bites, #1) Shift Out of Luck
♥ (Bear Bites, #2) Get Your Shift Together
♥ (Bear Bites, #3) Shift Just Got Real
♥ (Bear Bites, #4) Does a Bear Shift in the Woods

*Each NOVELLA can be read as a STANDALONE*


Get Your Shift Together is the second book in Ruby Dixon's newest (Bear Bites) series of novellas—wherein the tiny, off-the-beaten-path town of Pine Falls, which is inhabited by both humans and Shifters... 

♠ ♣ ♥ ♦

Sequestering himself to his not-so-tiny cabin on the outskirts of Pine Falls, Mal Standard is content to live life alone—with just the woods for his bear-instincts, and his awe-inspiring carvings for his human-hobby to keep him occupied.

Although when Mal's inner-beast sniffs out his mate, she's all he can think about—all he wants, all he needs. Too bad can't have her.
I slap her ass, just lightly, to let her know that the game is on. “You see how much I want you,” I growl…
Because Ryann Brown is decades younger than him, but a hundred years more lively, outgoing, and beautiful—which is everything big, ugly, brutish Mal is not.

Crushed by age-gaps, geographic-distances, and his own insecurities, Mal believes he'll never know the true love of his mate. But as the thoughts of her ravage his mind and heart, his body is drawn to her...

If I were inside I’d move her away from the window and carry her into the bedroom. Once there, I’d put her over my knee and spank her until her ass was rosy red for standing in front of the window, fingering herself…
...even if its limited to peeping through her window, watching with bated breath between the curtains for a glimpse of her.  

Until one night, when she catches him lurking in the shadows—and then Shift Just Got Real, for both Mal and Ryann.

♠ ♣ ♥ ♦

Shift Just Got Real is a well-written continuation in Ruby Dixon's (Bear Bites) series of novellas—growling with smutty scenes and sexy, shifting characters.

Thinking back to reading this book, I'm a bit more fond of this book. Perhaps it was because Mal, the brooding shifter, was my favorite big bear in the series so far—or maybe it was because of the slight shock of Mal and Ryann's sexual preference that had me quirking a brow, a crooked smile on my face.
“I waited a long time for you, but it was worth it.”
Either way, I did wish for more explanation and/or development in the (Bear Bites) world, as well as the humans and shifters in it. Though, I still really enjoyed Shift Just Got Real as the short, slightly over-the-top, smutty paranormal romance read it was.

So overall, I would recommend this book for those who're fans of Alexa Riley—and are looking for something quick and dirty to entertain them between the pages (and maybe between the sheets).


♠ ♣ ♥ ♦


*PS: I was given an copy of this book. But I do solemnly swear that I am up to...good. ;) This is a fair and honest review of this book, pinky promise.*