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5 STAR #REVIEW: Princess Brat by Brianna Hale


34297967 Title: Princess Brat
Series: (Standalone)
Author: Brianna Hale
Genres: New Adult Contemporary Erotic Romance
Tropes: Older Man/Younger Woman, Bodyguard/Protector
Safety: Safe
Rating: 5-Stars
Cliffhanger: No
HEA: Yes


I didn't think I could like a DDlg book better than I did Brianna Hale's Little Dancer ... until I read this book, Princess Brat, her second standalone. I like them both for a bit different reasons—Little Dancer had more focus on smut, while Princess Brat has more focus on the romance.

But again, Brianna Hale wrote a gorgeous point of view of the sub-genre of Erotic Romance, DDlg (which, if you don't know, is "Daddy Dom" and "little girl", or better known as "Daddy kink").

If anything, Brianna's writing was stronger in this book—which excites me because it seems as if she's growing as an author, becoming more confident in her style, and that will make for some more kick a*s books.

In Princess Brat, Adrienne Westley is a spoiled little rich girl who is quite misunderstood with her pastel pink hair, smart mouth, and bad attitude.

“Don’t ask for things, little girl, if you’re not prepared for the consequences.”

After her father incites scandal among the media, Adrienne reacts with a flippant, careless remark that paints a target on her back. In need of protection, her father hires Adrienne a full-time bodyguard—Dieter Vanderbroeck.

Except this bratty princess doesn't want a goon lurking around her all day ... Until Dieter challenges Adrienne, proving that all she needs is the firm hand of a Daddy to tame the brat in her.

It would've been really easy to dislike Adrienne. She was, after all, a brat with the penchant for throwing tantrums. But you know what? I LOVED her.

She was unapologetic in the way she expressed her feelings, refusing to be quiet, and always demanding to be heard. It's inspiring, the confidence Adrienne has, to be as loud as she wants—as loud as her very bright hair, even.

“What do you think bad, disobedient girls get when they’ve been rude and bratty?”

And even as childish as she could be, there was also something extremely mature about Adrienne. While she was strong, sure, of herself, though there also was something also quite vulnerable about her. Kind of like her look—both pink and black, dark and light, skulls and bows. All complete contrasts, but together feel so right and endearing.

Dieter was the complete opposite of Adrienne. He was so cool, calm, and collected. But I could feel the beast underneath his skin, ready and waiting to burst to punish Adrienne—the naughty little brat she was. But again, it was the little moments between Dieter and Adrienne that made me love love love him so so so much. *cuddles Dieter*

And I have to say, his patience and struggle to remain professional was both commendable and growl-inducing. Though when he finally decided to punish his brat, well... *bites lip*

As a romance, Princess Brat excels. But going a little deeper into the story, I do wish there had been a bit more development into the plot—which, while it kept the story going, didn't explode enough to hit hard.

Even so, I fell in love with the characters, so the relationship between Adrienne and Dieter kept me faithful and colored to the pages and I didn't mind that much at all.

All in all, I would defiantly recommend Princess Brat for those who are looking for a slow-burn romance with serious smut and some serious misbehaving...between the sheets. ;)

Hero: 5-Stars
Heroine: 5-Stars
Romance: 5-Stars
Sex: 5-Stars
Plot: 4.5-Stars
Dialogue: 5-Stars
Writing: 5-Stars

PS: I was given a complementary copy of this book. But I do solemnly swear that I am up to...good. *wink* This is a fair, honest review and/or rating(s) of this book, pinky promise.

4.5 STAR #REVIEW: Little Dancer by Brianna Hale



Little Dancer by Brianna Hale Title: Little Dancer
Series: (Standalone Novella)
Author: Brianna Hale
Genres: New Adult, Contemporary, Erotic Romance
Tropes: Older Man/Younger Woman, Student/Teacher, DDlg
Safety: Safe
Rating: 4.5-Stars
Cliffhanger: No
HEA: Yes


What a beautifully written, short and smutty, DDlg read!

If you don't know what DDlg is, that's "Daddy Dom" and "little girl"—and I've read quite a bit in this genre, but none have explained the DDlg relationship so nicely!

So if you've never read this sub-genre of Erotic Romance before, but are interested, I would defiantly recommend reading Little Dancer as an introduction to DDlg.

Abby and Rufus' DDlg relationship in this book was so real and raw, truly complimenting the beauty and trust of a Daddy Dom/little girl relationship.

This was my first book by this author, Brianna Hale, but it will NOT be my last. Her writing style is very endearing, and her characters are developed enough to steal your heart—just like Abby and Rufus did to mine in Little Dancer.

Little Abby was adorable, and surprising relatable. I loved reading from her POV; as throughout the book, she blossomed into who she was, and accepted it in spite of the world's view of her and her relationship with her Daddy Dom, Rufus...

Ah, Rufus. Better known as "Mr. Kingsolver". He instantly came of as fudging INTENSE. Intense in a really scary good way. (And I say "fudging" because I know he would spank me hard for using naughty language. *wink wink*)

Anyways...he was a dark, harsh presence in Abby's life that made for some very smutty times as she was punished (oh so nicely) in his office at the Theater.

"Mad? No, I'm not mad. You took your punishment so well. Would you like your reward?"
But what I reallllly fell in love with, was deeper into the story, when Rufus' hard exterior softened toward Abby, and there were all these sugar-sweet moments between them. It was positively adorable...and smutty—can't forget the smut.

My only wish was that I would've had the chance to get into Rufus' head, read from his experience how he fell into his and Abby's forbidden relationship. I think the romance would've been stronger at the beginning with his POV, but even so, the story wasn't lacking without it. Just a wish of mine ... What were you thinking, Mr. Kingsolver? I will never know... *pouts*

But all in all, this was a stellar read from Brianna Hale—and I would for sure recommend it to those who want a novella that has both heat and heart, rough and soft, sweet and smutty.

Hero: 4.5-Stars
Heroine: 5-Stars
Romance: 4.5-Stars
Sex: 5-Stars
Plot: 4.5-Stars
Dialogue: 5-Stars
Writing: 5-Stars

PS: I was given a complementary copy of this book. But I do solemnly swear that I am up to...good. *wink* This is a fair, honest review and/or rating(s) of this book, pinky promise.

#BLOGTOUR: Dark Protector by Celia Aaron



Title: Dark Protector
Series: Standalone
Author: Celia Aaron
Genres: Adult, Suspense, Erotic, Dark Romance
Releases: February 27, 2017
Recommend: Yes 
Blog: HERE 
Goodreads: HERE

From the moment I saw her through the window of her flower shop, something other than darkness took root inside me. Charlie shone like a beacon in a world that had long since lost any light. But she was never meant for me, a man that killed without remorse and collected bounties drenched in blood.

I thought staying away would keep her safe, would shield her from me. I was wrong. Danger followed in my wake like death at a slaughter house. I protected her from the threats that circled like black buzzards, kept her safe with kill after kill.
But everything comes with a price, especially second chances for a man like me.

Killing for her was easy. It was living for her that turned out to be the hard part.

Author's Note: This is a full-length romance novel. Explicit violence and hot sex included. HEA, no cheating.

“Look.” He pulled his pistol from its holster, laid it on the dresser, and began unbuttoning his shirt. “I realize this isn’t optimal for either of us. You don’t want to be here.”

I tried not to stare at the gun, but I was already trying to figure out if I could get to it before he could.