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*favorite* BOOK REVIEW: If You Dare (Deanna Madden, #3) by A.R. Torre


Title: If You Dare
Series: (Deanna Madden, #3)
Author: A.R. Torre
Genre: Adult Contemporary Erotic Romantic Suspense
Rating: 5-Stars
Cliffhanger: No
Review on Goodreads: HERE

The rules are the same. I can't open the door. I can't leave. I can't kill anyone.

The only difference is, I don't set the rules anymore. Guards in grey uniforms do. It is everything I never wanted and everything I always deserved.
I write to you now, from a prison cell. My home for the next twenty to thirty years.

That's the going term for murder.

♥ (Deanna Madden, #1) The Girl in 6E
♥ (Deanna Madden, #2) Do Not Disturb
♥ (Deanna Madden, #3) If You Dare

*Each book can be read as a STANDALONE—although the overall dark, enthralling beauty is best to be enjoyed in order. But be careful; your mind may be too sane to comprehend the madness.*


In (Deanna Madden, #1) The Girl in 6E, we were introduced to Deanna Madden—who had locked herself away in a run down apartment on floor 6, room E, where she hadn't dared step outside its confines...until her job in the adult industry as a sex-camgirl lured her out of her self-imposed prison with the promise she'd get blood on her hands.
I am the girl I never wanted to be but have been for a long time. I am madness, the demon, the insanity.
Then in (Deanna Madden, #2) Do Not Disturb was when Deanna's wicked thoughts took control of her mind, and possessed her body to do a terrible, bloody, deathly deed. But her bloodlust wasn't sated, as it never was—it had just been contained beyond the easily opened, steel door of apartment 6E.

Although the more Jeremy Bryant temped Deanna into thoughts of a normal life, the harder she pushed against that steel door—which had been the only barrier between herself and the outside world, where her bloody insanity threatened to murder and maim
“To girls with broken hearts and vengeful souls. Go forth and raise hell.”
But in (Deanna Madden, #3) If You Dare, all those red-as-blood, dark-as-night, crazy-as-fuck, fears haunt Deanna in a tangle of the past and present. She's ventured beyond her steel door, become close with others, and now there's a living-nightmare lurking at the edges of her mind—that she's forgot, and terrified to remember.

Because by remembering the lie, she'll have to face the truth...that perhaps she does deserve punishment for—omgwhathasshedone?!
"But I did it." There is an invisible question mark at the end of the sentence.
This is Deanna Madden as you've never seen her before; weaker, yet stronger—for who she's been has begun to evolve in who she'll become. And as the battle within herself rages to a war as she struggles to comprehend her bloodlust, her dark thirst for death, the fragile relationships with the three men she's closest to threatens to shatter underneath the pain of all the mystery and lies.

He's my knight in shining armor made of tinfoil.
Jeremy is Deanna's freedom, her sanity from the chaos of her screaming mind. And to me, he represents all the 'normal' Deanna has dreamed of, has hoped to the very depth of her soul she could achieve. But I don't believe Jeremy knows Deanna, nor did he really want to. He wanted the best of her, not the worst he feared she was. And in If You Dare, Jeremy's refusal to confront the darkness hidden in Deanna's eyes isn't just heartbreaking, it's chest-stabbing, falling-off-a-building and shattering your heart, painful.
She gave him thin shards of herself and watched closely, with the expectation that he would cut himself and let her drink his blood. And therein lay the problem.

With each of her sessions with Dr. Derek Vanderbilt, he scratches at the scabs on Deanna's mind, letting her dirty thoughts bleed out. He knows the evil tainting her mind, plaguing her heart, and staining her soul. Although it seemed as if Dr. D's need to perfect her, to fix what's broken in her, smothered Deanna in where she would share her fantasies with him, but not her reality
How painful is love if you embrace death as an escape from it?

As always, Mike is there for Deanna—more than ever, in If You Dare. He knows her, protects her...past and present, sexual career, and killing-sprees...because he want her, all of her; the blackest parts of her soul, the lightest bits of heart. Through the years, he's witnessed all the facets of her sharpened, gleaming edges—her flirty, lustful moans, and killer-crazy, homicidal grins—but he's still devoted to her, still adores her with the fractured pieces of himself he has left.
He'll protect her to his death. He's failed once. He will never again.
Mike was there for her in the beginning of it all, and he was there for her in this end...when no one (not even Deanna herself) trusted in her, believed in her. Mike never doubted that inside Deanna, there was a seed of goodness sprouting in her darkness—which is, above all, what Deanna needs: someone to trust her, to love her, despite how untrustworthy she may seem. 

And in this book, (Deanna Madden, #3) If You Dare, you will not trust her; you will doubt, you will suspect, you will fear every thought in Deanna's wicked mind. You will wonder, you will cry, you will hope, and you will scream as the mystery unravels, as the suspense and intrigue builds a noose out of its tangled threads, threatening to choke you with every page you turn. 
"I'm sorry that my heart is black and I didn't let you see that until now."
So go ahead; READ ITif you dare