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BOOK REVIEW: Catch Me (The Steele Brothers, #1) by Jennifer Probst


Title: Catch Me
Series: (The Steele Brothers, #1)
Author: Jennifer Probst
Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance
Rating: 3.5-Stars
Cliffhanger: No
HEA: Yes
Review on Goodreads: HERE

Rick Steele has avoided relationships since he caught his fiancée cheating, but when he’s talked into a one night stand through Madame Eve, he’s not prepared for his emotional and physical reaction to his date. Tara shows him a raw passion and honesty he’s never encountered. For the first time, Rick wants more than one night, but he needs to catch her first...

Tara Denton escaped a brutal past and needs one night with a stranger to get beyond her sexual and emotional limitations. On the brink of recovering her strength and independence, she wants nothing to do with a relationship. But Rick Steele does more than rock her body…he rocks her heart. Tara has to make a choice, but is she ready to get caught?

(The Steele Brothers, #1) Catch Me
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After Rick Steele caught his fiancee cheating on him with his groomsman, he packed his bags and headed to Vegas. There, he healed his broken heart with the wild life of sin-city: the cha-ching of casinos and everywhere is sex—until he realized that waking up to different faces in different places left nothing but a hollow ache in his heart

So when his friend talks him into using the highly-selective, oh-so exclusive 1Night Stand matchmaking service, Rick decides to indulge in one night of sex with a stranger. But when he sees his date, sitting all alone—red hair gleaming, pink lips pouting, slim fingers nervously twiddling with the straw on her hot-pink drink—Rick still isn't prepared for the strong rush of longing to be inside her, to be with her.
He waited one beat. Two.

She lifted her head.

A strange longing rose up and caught him in a chokehold. Her eyes widened as they locked with his. The anxious worry he glimpsed deep in their depths caused a protectiveness to surge from within. His second thought centered on what she would look like when he thrust deep inside her and brought her to orgasm.

He hardened instantly. Son of a bitch. It was going to end up being an interesting night after all. 
And Tara isn't prepared for the imposing, blonde-haired, big-shouldered man to be her 1Night Stand match. She requested someone to help her learn to accept her body, to accept a man's touch for pleasure—not the pain that's trapped in the past, like the scars on her skin. 

Rick and Tara's attraction toward one another is strong and immediate; their one-night of sex developing into one-night of a foundation of trust building into love. Although no matter the bliss Rick does to her body, Tara refuses her mind and soul to ever be possessed by a man again—but naturally-dominant Rick wants nothing more than to posses her...over and over again.
He wanted to make her scream with delight, to cry his name as she orgasmed until she couldn’t remember the last time another man ever laid a hand on her. Possessiveness was not a natural part of him, but he didn’t fight the urge. Instead, he embraced the basic male tendency to hunt. Conquer. Claim.
Overall, Catch Me (The Steele Brothers, #1) by Jennifer Probst was a simply-sweet, light-BDSM, romantic novella about healing from the cuts of betrayal, to mend with a love that stains the skin deeper than any scar.