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BOOK REVIEW: Daddy Knows Best by Normandie Alleman

Title: Daddy Knows Best
Author: Normandie Alleman
Genre: Erotica

"Career woman Tabitha is less than excited when her boyfriend, Neal, insists that she take a break from her high-stress job in Chicago and move with him to Little Haven. Despite her initial disdain for the town, Tabitha eventually begins to find a place for herself in her new community, and Neal’s increasing dominance in the bedroom leaves her longing for more. But she’s been keeping an important secret from him about her job back in the city. When he discovers the truth, will it tear them apart or will Neal be able to forgive his little girl?" 

Dear Daddy Knows Best by Normandie Alleman,

It's not really you, it's me.

And yes, I just used that cheesy break-up line in a... well, break-up with this book. Because, for some reason, I just wasn't into this quick, smutty read.

The Hero was good, but was absent for much of the book (besides the sec scenes, of course) so I never could connect with him fully. Don't get me wrong, I think he loved the heroine, and he was a stand-up guy, I just... didn't feel anything from him, therefore I didn't feel anything for him.

The only real complaint I have with this book was the heroine. And it's not much to complain about, really. Like the hero, I couldn't connect with her. She kind of irritated me at times, and I couldn't fully comprehend why she lied to her Daddy Dom—after all, with that lie, she knew she was going to have to tell the truth in the end. So... why? Also, her 'little girl' behavior wasn't really hot—it was kind of eye-roll inducing.

And I don't want you to get me wrong... what attracted me to Daddy Knows Best was that it is, in fact, a DD/lg romance. I haven't read many of them, but it's a new and interesting topic. But in this particular book... I just didn't care for the DD/lg romance. Maybe it's just not for me???

The sex scenes in this book were okay—probably would've been hotter if I'd been more into and invested in the book and its characters—but I couldn't wrap my mind around the whole 'Little Haven' community. I've read and seriously loved books with... let's just say interesting communities (like the Desire, Oklahoma series by Leah Brooke), but for some reason, I just wasn't into the whole 'Little Haven' community.

Perhaps it was the welcoming committee—which was a weird voyager old-lady, whom I didn't find helpful or sweet and nice... frankly, I found her to be a condescending creeper. I think it's just me, because no one else on Goodreads seemed to have an issue with it, but the 'Little Haven's Daycare'  was just... too much. It kind of weirded me out. And the fact that that dig-bat of an old lady tricked Tabitha into attending that Daycare (by saying she could 'help out') reminded me of how I used to trick my little sister into doing my chores for me. So, I kinda found that whole concept off-putting.

I suppose I just couldn't connect with the characters and/or the storyline enough to understand this particular DD/lg community.

But all-in-all, the ending was very sweet; the Hero and heroine finding their happily ever after in Little Haven—despite the lies that threatened to tear them apart.

If you're thinking about reading this book, don't let my low-rating stop you... because, like I said, it wasn't really the book—it was more of me and the book together; we didn't understand each other. And everyone knows trust and understanding are what form a beautiful relationship—aren't they, Tabitha? ;)

And I wish I could've enjoyed Daddy Knows Best by Normandie Alleman  more, and dispute my 'eh' 2.5-Star rating, I wouldn't be opposed to reading more taboo books by this author... so that has to count for something.

* I was given an ARC of this book from NetGalley. But I do solemnly swear that I am up to... good. ;) This is a fair and honest review of this book. Pinky promise. *