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TJEB—This Jabberwocky Eats Books, Book Blog.

O  n  c  e      u  p  o  n      a      t  i  m  e

Alice fell asleep, novel in lap, into Wonderland. The Mad Hatter flitted from library to library. The White Rabbit read tick tock 'round the clock. Caterpillars sat upon mushrooms, nibbling at the edges of pages. And the Jabberwock had jaws that bite and claws that catch...books, because they're tasty treats. And this Jabberwocky doesn't nibble like a worm—but chomps.

Known as the villain, the troublemaker, the book boyfriend collector, and the book chomper, this Jabberwocky became so very full on the love of books that she fell right down the Rabbit Hole and tumbled into book blogging as a wackily-named reader and reviewer of Young Adult, New Adult, Adult, and Erotica, Romance books that make your heart stop, jaw drop, and your tear ducts explode.

So don't be late—follow the White Rabbit into Wonderland, where This Jabberwocky Eats Books.