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#REVIEW: Love in Lingerie by Alessandra Torre



Title: Love in Lingerie
Series: (Standalone)
Author: Alessandra Torre
Genres: Adult Contemporary Erotic Romance
Tropes: Coworkers, Office Romance, Forbidden Love, Friends to Lovers
Rating: 3.5-Stars
Recommend: Yes
Blog: HERE 
Goodreads: HERE

I hired her to fix my company, to bring Marks Lingerie back to life. I didn’t expect her to become my friend. I didn’t expect to fall in love with her.

The first rule of business is to never touch your employees. I think there is another rule about not falling for your best friend—a rule against imagining the curves of her body, or the way her breathing would change if I pulled down her panties and unzipped my pants.

Now, I can’t wait any longer. I’m tossing out the rules.

Damn the company.
Damn our friendship.
Damn my fears.


Alessandra Torre's book are always so well-written, and Love in Lingerie was no exception. It was a slow-burn romance that put a match to friendship, set fire to desire, and blazed into a sexy romance.

"If our love was lingerie, it’d be a corset, one laced so tightly that it takes your breath."

Trey Marks was a business owner, and Kate Martin was the creative director for his company, Marks Lingerie—which made Love in Lingerie a light and sexy, fun and flirty office romance with just a bit of angst.

If this woman was lingerie, she’d be black leather, with studs along the seams and enough of a dominatrix vibe to give a man pause.

The only reason I'm rating it 3.5-Stars is because I didn't quite connect to Trey and Kate's love as much as I wanted to. It's quite confusing for me actually—since I love Alessandra's writing style, as well as the friends to lovers and slow-burn romances.

"If our relationship was lingerie, it’d be fur-lined handcuffs, latched around you, the key lost, escape impossible."

But I think that because the Hero and heroine spent so many years apart, living through love and life, that their friendship was more developed than their romance...which is probably why I didn't feel that genuine connection between them as more than just lovers.

"If my need was lingerie, it'd be blood-red with lines that scream for attention."

Though, I would still recommend Love in Lingerie to those who want to read a book that is like the best, sexiest lingeriefun and sexy, but it may take a while to get off with all the laces and buttons, though it's well worth the time spent pulling ribbons and kissing special places. *wink*

Hero: 3.5-Stars
Heroine: 3.5-Stars
Romance: 3.5-Stars
Sex: 5-Stars
Plot: 4-Stars
Dialogue: 5-Stars
Writing: 5-Stars

PS: I was given a complementary copy of this book. But I do solemnly swear that I am up to...good. *wink* This is a fair, honest review and/or rating(s) of this book, pinky promise.