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#REVIEW: Once Should Be Enough by Nikky Kaye



Title: Once Should Be Enough
Series: (Standalone)
Author: Nikky Kaye
Genres: New Adult Contemporary Erotic Romance
Rating: 4-Stars
Recommend: Yes
Blog: HERE 
Goodreads: HERE

Are friends with benefits worth the cost?

My cocky friend Will doesn't believe that I'm frigid, but what does he know? His promises might make me shiver but it doesn't mean he can give me a happy. He's so confident he's betting me money on it, and a thousand bucks is a lot of money to a poor college student.

Once should be enough to taunt him with "I told you so," right?

But I didn't know he meant trying everything once...

This super hot 25,000-word standalone new adult romance novella has adult language and themes, and a happy ending (several, actually).


The first day Will met Cassie, as college lab partners, he accidentally friend-zoned himself. While he regrets that he can't fuck his totally sexy, definitely fuckable BFF, what he doesn't regret the deep friendship he and Cassie have formed over lab assignments, homework, and study time.

Until the day Cassie confides in Will—admitting she's never finished before, and her theory behind why:

“I think I hate sex.”

Will can't believe it—refuses to accept that her theory is true. After all, no one, especially someone as hot as Cassie, can hate sex ... right? 

Determined to prove her wrong, and to finally step out of the friend-zone, Will makes Cassie a deal: If he can't make her oh so hard she forgets ever thinking she was frigid, she can say "I told you so" for as long as she likes.
“And how do you propose we prove my theory?” Those rosy lips suddenly pressed together as she must have figured it out.
“Oh,” she said. “Oh.”
I couldn’t help smirking. “Yeah, oh. I’ll give you one.”
Once Should Be Enough was a very fun, enjoyable read. Though, while I know this is a novella, I couldn't help but wish there had been a bit more development in the storyline, plot, and some of the characterization—just a bit more to the book, so I could fully understand why Cassie felt and thought the way she did about sex, which was what drove the plot. Having said that, I think Nikky Kaye writes well, and I look forward to reading more of her works.

But while I think the book could've been stronger with some more of that development, it doesn't mean I didn't enjoy the heck out of Will and Cassie's relationship.

Together, they were fun and flirty—friends whose journey to lovers felt natural, and inevitable with or without Cassie's, er, oh issue.
Okay, so reason had gone out the window. Clearly he felt he'd been issued a caveman challenge – must make Cassie come on cock. Grunt grunt.
Will was definitely the highlight of this book for me. He was very charming with his blunt, shock-your-panties-right-off comments, and his oh-so filthy mouth—I mean the dirty talk on that boy! *bites lip* But what really made me love him, was how unwilling he was to give up on Cassie—it made me believe in the friendship and romance between them.

“One day I’m going to make love to you, Cass,” he promised. “Make no mistake about it; that’s where we’re headed, where I want to go. But right now, I’m going to fuck you. I’m going to fuck you slowly and carefully and I’m going to make you come.”

So all in all, I would recommend Once Should Be Enough to those who enjoy friends-to-lovers romances, and are just looking for a quick, dirty, nothing-too-serious read.

Hero: 4.5-Stars
Heroine: 3-Stars
Romance: 4-Stars
Sex: 4-Stars
Plot: 3.5-Stars
Dialogue: 4.5-Stars
Writing: 4.5-Stars

PS: I was given a complementary copy of this book. But I do solemnly swear that I am up to...good. *wink* This is a fair, honest review and/or rating(s) of this book, pinky promise.