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5-Star REVIEW: Celt (Den of Mercenaries, #2) by London Miller


Title: Celt
Series: (Den of Mercenaries, #2)
Author: London Miller
Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance
Rating: 5-Stars
Cliffhanger: No
HEA: Yes
Blog: HERE

Welcome to the Den ...

Six minutes is all he needs to get a job done …

Kyrnon “Celt” Murphy is one of the best thieves in the world. After all, his childhood was spent with a caravan of Irish Travelers that taught him everything he knows.

He got in …

He got out …

No witnesses …

When his latest assignment, one that even the best of thieves couldn’t pull off, brings him into contact with a girl that awakens a part of him he long thought dead, Kyrnon is reluctant to walk away.

But in his trade, witnesses meant consequences …

And sometimes those consequences meant death …

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Each book in the series can be read as a standalone, but it's recommended to be read in order.


Six minutes.

That's all that Kyrnon “Celt” Murphy needs to steal your heart. His childhood stolen, he was trained with a caravan of Irish Travelers from a youth to be one of the most dangerous thieves in the world. But that life of pain as a criminal, a hardened mercenary for the one the Den calls the Kingmaker, has scratched Celt into a beautiful, broken man.

Until her.

For her.

Six minutes.

That's about the time Celt sees Amber for the first time. Fate, maybe, that they shared a silent train ride together—with no promises that they'll see one another again.

So when the Kingmaker assigns Celt to steal back a stolen painting, and Celt walks into the high-end gallery Amber works at—the very gallery he's conniving to steal from—for the first time in his life, Celt may have something stolen from him...

His heart.


London Miller's writing style is one of the best third person POV's I've read in a while, and the two main characters created in Celt had me ohh-ing and awwh-ing in all the best ways—Amber and Celt (ohmigosh, CELT! And his sexy Irish brogue! *swoons*) were the perfect couple; I loved how they had an instant attraction that built, slowly but surely, into something more, something special.

And besides an adorable love-story, three things you can expect when reading Celt are: mystery, suspense, and intrigue into not only Celt and it's main characters, but others to follow—which had me adding moreandmoreandmore of this series to my TBR.

Still the one this review is four, Celt, will hold an important spot on my five-star shelf because of the—in six simple words—swoon-worthy, tender-hearted, dark and dangerous, Irishman.


Hero: 5-Stars
Heroine: 5-Stars
Romance: 5-Stars
Sex: 5-Stars
Plot: 5-Stars
Dialogue: 5-Stars
Writing: 5-Stars

PS: I was given a complementary copy of this book. But I do solemnly swear that I am up to...good. *wink* This is a fair, honest review and/or rating(s) of this book, pinky promise.