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RELEASE: Royal Bastard by Avery Wilde

Cinderella met her Prince Charming and lost a slipper. I met the Royal Bastard and he stole my heart.

The Bastard Prince
I, Edward George Alexander York, am third in line for the British throne, but who needs that kind of responsibility? Not me.

I’m the outcast. The black sheep. The bastard. It’s my duty to live up to my notorious reputation—emptying the country’s coffers, getting hammered, and generally having myself a jolly good time sowing my royal oats.

It’s only when I try to do the right thing that I get arrested for my efforts. I was a fool, playing the knight in shining armour, attempting to rescue a gorgeous curvy damsel in distress… the same woman who caught me on camera with my pants down.

Despite my heroics, my father has laid down the gauntlet and demanded that I buck my ideas up and improve my bad boy image, or be disowned for good.

Never one to back away from a challenge, I sought out the one person who owed me. Rose Mathis may end up being my saving grace, and though she said my charms would never work on her, I am determined to make her mine.

The English Rose
We both know what I saw. The incriminating photo is currently stored on my camera. A glorious picture of a Royal Arse, naked and in full view. If you take your eyes off his steel buns for one moment, you’ll see Prince Edward drilling into his latest conquest.

I wasn’t going to sell the photo of him doing the nasty—even though it would cause an almighty scandal and solve all my money problems. I didn't even know who he was when I took that damn picture, never mind that he would actually come to my rescue mere hours later when an ex of mine got a little handsy.

But now Prince Edward thinks I owe him one. And as a photographer with no proper job, I can’t turn this opportunity of a lifetime down.

All that was expected of me was to take a few photos, help him get back into his father’s good books and ramp up some positive publicity. Yet when he gets down on one knee, I can’t help but believe that the fairy-tale illusion we’ve created for the rest of the world is real.

There’s only one problem: I never expected to fall in love with the Prince. And though I have very little chance at winning his heart, I won't give up hope.

We shall have our happily ever after.