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*favorite* BOOK REVIEW: Endless Possibility, a Memoir (City Lights, #3.5) by Emma Scott

Title: Endless Possibility, a Memoir
Series: (City Lights, #3.5) 
Author: Emma Scott
Genre: New Adult, Contemporary Romance
Rating: 5-Stars
Cliffhanger: No
HEA: Yes
Review on Goodreads: HERE

After the disastrous Planet X party, Noah Lake knows he must to learn to cope with his anger and bitterness, to learn to live as he is and not as he had been. He sets out on an impossible journey, alone, in the hopes of making himself worthy of Charlotte's love, and to slay the demons of an old life that is lost to him.

As he makes his arduous way across Europe, following Charlotte's tour, Noah writes of his experiences that will become his memoir, and it is only after reading his words that Charlotte comes to fully understand the hardships Noah endured for their sake; a journey that nearly broke him in mind, body, and spirit. She knows what she must do: show Noah that while she is the light in his darkness, he is the music in her heart, and that without him, she'd be just as lost.

Endless Possibility is the final chapters in a love story about acceptance, peace, and the bond between two souls who have found their equal in each other, and the happily ever after they both deserve.


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Beautifully written and deeply romantic, Endless Possibility is Noah's missing chapters from Rush (City of Lights, #3). The novella that has the pages after the terrible truth assaulted Noah, but before it turned into a lie—that as long as his heart and mind held the darkness his eyes see, he would never be the man Charlotte deserved to love in life.
“It was my trial by fire. I don’t need to tell you how badly it burned. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that you know you’re worth it. I’d do it again a hundred times over if I had to. For you.”
Heartbroken but determined, in Rush Noah set both himself and Charlotte free, for a while—because as the saying goes: "If you love something, set it free. If it comes back, it's meant to be".

And Noah and Charlotte...they were meant to be. It just took them both time—to fly, to fall, to shed their feathers, break their wings, to heal, and then to mend, to be whole and together again.


Beginning with Charlotte opening the book of Noah's unfinished memoir, in Endless Possibility, we read along with her as Noah's written words tell his treacherous tale of traveling across Europe blind, and in search of Charlotte.

All the horrors he endured, the blood he shed, the tears he cried, the panic he embraced...and yet, no matter where Noah was—mentally, physically, emotionally—he always found his way back to his endless possibility, to Charlotte. She was in his every breath, in every beat of his heart, in every blink of his blind eyes.
We’d both been smashed up by life and rearranged until neither of us knew ourselves. But somehow we’d found each other, helped each other put our broken pieces back together to make something new and whole.
It was his love her her that gave him the strength to piece himself together after life had shattered him into bits of who he once was. It was her love for him that gave him the determination to let go of his past, to embrace his future, to lose control, to gain independence, to find himself in the darkest days of his journey.


Needless to say, Emma Scott—




with this novella.

—Poof, I was gone; lost in Noah's story.

Because this novella was so much more than just a novella. It was tears, laughs, smiles, sighs. It was pain and love and hate and hope and endless possibilities...
In my dark world, there was softness, heat, broken cries and gasps, and her skin, her hands, her mouth, and the sweet tightness of her body, and the pleasure and love that bound us together, all of it rising to a crescendo and then melting into something gentle and deep.

Endless Possibility, a Memoir (City Lights, #3.5) is the utterly romantic tale of a mentally, physically, and emotional broken man—whose never-ending love endures heartache, as he relentlessly battles his demons with clenched teeth and wide, unseeing eyes.
 “You showed me I could walk the earth alone, in the dark, but I don’t want to. I want you by my side, now and forever.”
Overall, if you've read Rush (City of Lights, #3) I would recommend this novella as must read because I couldn't imagine a better, more perfect ending for Noah and Charlotte...