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BOOK REVIEW: Hard Charger (Flash Bang, #2) by Meghan March

Title: Hard Charger
Series: (Flash Bang, #2—but can be read as a Standalone)
Author: Meghan March
Genre: Adult, Contemporary Romance
Rating: 3.5-Stars

Cliffhanger: No
HEA: Yes
Review on Goodreads: HERE

Lia has known true darkness—and not just because of the power grid failure nine months ago. She has faced evil and emerged a survivor. Now if she could just make the two men she wants see her as whole and not broken … maybe she’d have a chance at the future she’s determined to claim.

Cam and Travis have been brothers-in-arms since their days as Force Recon Marines, and there’s nothing Cam wouldn’t do for his best friend—except let him have the woman Cam’s been patiently waiting for. But when Lia shocks him by saying she wants them both, he has the decision of a lifetime to make. Lose the girl, or lose his best friend.

In a world where nothing is certain, can three people find their way to love?

*Warning: This book includes two sexy as hell Marines, one strong woman determined to have them both, and a whole lot of sex—the dirty kind. Proceed at your own risk.

Note: HARD CHARGER is a novella set in the FLASH BANG world.

Hard Charger is the second STANALONE in Meghan March's Flash Bang series—which is a post-apocalyptic world, wherein the power grid has failed, the government has crumbled, and the world is slowly but surely falling to pieces. 

And hidden from it all, on a compound in the middle of nowhere, is a group of Marines—who have built a facility to protect themselves and their loved ones from the horrors of the now-frantic civilization. Each of the books in the Flash Bang series, tells the different characters' tales of love, life, and survival. 

In this particular novella—Hard Charger—centers around Lia, Cam, and Travis. Their relationship is short and sweet; it did move fast, but thankfully there was just enough back-story between the characters for their feelings to remain believable. 

But I have to admit I wished I would've witnessed Lia's inital months at the compound. In Hard Charger we see her as the healed woman she is, but I would've liked to see her transformation from scared victim to strong survivor—as well as her growing trust in Cam and Travis. 

I loved the contemporary, post-apolitical element to this book—but, unfortunately, since this was a novella, you don't really learn too much of the world they now live in. Although it did spike my interest, and I will most definitely be checking out the other books in this series.  

Overall, Hard Charger (Flash Bang, #2) was an really good, sweet ménage romance with just the right amount of heat between the sheets. (;  
*PS: I was given an ARC of this book from NetGalley. But I do solemnly swear that I am up to...good. ;) This is a fair and honest review of this book. Pinky promise.*