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BOOK REVIEW: The Prince's Runaway Lover (Men of the Zodiac, #7) by Robin Covington

Title: The Prince's Runaway Lover
Series: (Men of the Zodiac #7—but can be read as a standalone)
Author: Robin Covington
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Rating: 3.5-Stars
Cliffhanger: No
HEA: Yes

Crown Prince Nicholas Lytton was never supposed to be ruler of Callanos. He was the “spare to the heir,” pursuing a decadent life of the rich and royal—extreme sports, physical pleasures, and glorious irresponsibility. Until his brother died. Now Nick is to be coronated king, and no one believes he's ready.

The best way to secure his crown is to do the unthinkable...find a queen.

While Isabel Reynolds works in the palace gardens, she has no desire to draw the attention of the way-too-flirty, would-be king. For she's not the woman everyone thinks she is. Even if she wanted—or was tempted by— the promise of love, it would only end in disaster. Because while Isabel may be able to catch a king, her secrets would only destroy him...


 The Prince's Runaway Lover is a modern-day fairy-tale, in which the gorgeous (in this case accidental) Prince Nicolas falls irrevocably in love with a beautiful yet mysterious gardener, Isabel.

Their love—which blossoms under the blue-sky, hidden in-between the palace’s gardens—is forbidden… and not only because her secrets threaten to shatter both of their lives.

“There were no secrets between them when they were like this. He was not a prince. She was not a mystery. They were just Nick and Isabel. The way it should be.”
I really liked the romance between Nick and Isabel; the way they fell in slowly but all at once. Their connection was real and true, despite all the lies, deceit, and tragedy in their lives.

Although, my favorite thing about The Prince’s Runaway Lover had to be the Prince Nicolas himself.
“His name was her favorite word, the taste of it on her tongue like the sweetest candy.”
Witnessing Nick transform from a wild, carefree playboy to a heartbroken, love-struck prince was adorable. It really brought back all those warm-and-fuzzy, happily-ever-after feelings I had when I was younger (and, even admittedly, sometimes now) at the thought of the Prince Charming falling for Cinderella.
“You can rail against me, beat against me, take anything out on me, but I’m not leaving or letting you push me away. I have conquered goddamn mountains to get what I wanted, fought oceans to win a prize far less precious than your kiss so I’m not giving up on you without a fight.”
Nick’s love for Isabel was impossible—which made me awwwhhh! all the more at how hard he fought for her, to be with her, and to stay by her. He gave her all of himself, even when she refused to do the same.
“Each shutter, each sob was reaching inside him and ripping his soul out of his body. That was fine, it was hers anyway.”
I also loved the bit of sexy-steam thrown into the story. My tummy tumbled every time Isabel called high-and-mighty Prince Nicolas 'Nicky', and he only smiled and kissed her harder. It was so freggin' cute.
"Nicky," she gasped as she gripped his shoulders, nails digging in at the contact of his thigh against her core as he wedged his leg between her own. She moved against his hard muscle, the sharp spikes of electric pleasure beginning in her core and warming her belly into an inferno of desire. "Oh my God, Nicky."

She felt his smile against the skin just below her ear, the huff of his laughter in her hair. "I like that."
Overall, this book was a very sweet, romantic read. It reminded me of the paperback Harlequin novels I have tucked away for a rainy day, when I’d like a light and quick, feel-good read.

*PS: I was given an ARC of this book from NetGalley. But I do solemnly swear that I am up to... good. ;) This is a fair and honest review of this book. Pinky promise.*