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Quick Book Reccomendations List (for June)

Summertime Sadness? Uh, no. More like Summertime Madness

Mad as a Hatter, I am this summer—therefore, while I'm still readreadreadddding my little eyeballs out, I haven't the time to review every. single. book. Because, hello! that would be a lot of books, a lot of words, and so very little time. 

But since I'm feeling a tad bit (okay, okay, I relent: a big bit) guilty of neglecting my new-found blog, I propose I'd write a quick-and-dirty, to-the-point, wham-bam-thank-you-maam, kinda book recommendation list. It won't be as in-depth as book reviews, but for all you ADD types out there (holla to my peeps!) it might just tickle your fancy...