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BOOK EXTRA REVIEW: Maggie's Epilogue (Maybe Someday #1.5) by Colleen Hoover

Title: Maggie's Epilogue (Extra: Maybe Someday #1.5)
Author: Colleen Hoover

If you've read Maybe Someday, make sure to check out the bonus epilogue HERE.

The epilogue is password protected. Just enter the answer to the password question to access it.

After finishing Maybe Someday, I was curious to know where Maggie's life had taken her after Ridge—and once again, Colleen Hoover delivered!
"This isn't dying, Maggie. This is living!"
Maggie's Epilogue is only 1,659 words, and yet it managed to toy with my emotions. I felt Maggie's determination to live and experience life as she longed to when caged down to Ridge; I felt her apprehension of the future, and a glimmer of her rising, conflicting hope. 
He pushes me a step forward, then intertwines his fingers with mine, spreading our arms out. "This is it, Maggie. You ready?"
But overall, I felt the butterflies Dr. Skydiver gave me! He was  p e r f e c t  for Maggie—and I'm sad that the romance between him and Maggie only lasted a few pages. But Maggie's epilogue was amazing while it lasted!